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Welcome to Hyang 1.2.1 Documentations!

This is the documentations for Hyang 1.2.1 — the first public release of Hyang Programming Language, last updated Feb 28, 2017.

The Hyang 1.2.1 Documentations:


Some motivations and release notes on the Hyang 1.2.1 and some other notable backgrounds or rationales that drive the Hyang language projects.

Installation and Usage

Informations on how to build and install Hyang on different platforms, the invocation of Hyang interpreter and things that make working with Hyang easier.

Language Concept

Illustrations about the language concepts and features of Hyang, and other terms and notations used when working with the Hyang language.

Language Reference

Descriptions on the lexical analysis and structures of Hyang language, the clear and exact syntax of Hyang language, and the semantics nature of Hyang language.

Library Reference

Descriptions on the Hyang functions implemented directly through the C API and extended convenient higher-level functions to interface with Hyang in some common tasks.

API Reference

The API reference of the Hyang language, the list of functions available for other system calls and libraries to interface and communicate with Hyang.


An informal introduction to the basic concepts and features of the Hyang language with the tutorials in a recipe-like manner with the case examples.


License of the Hyang distribution, information about Hyang copyright holder and the list of licensed external resources and softwares included in the Hyang distribution.


Guidelines or informations on how to contribute to Hyang projects in general, and especially to contribute to enhance the existing Hyang documentations.

Hyang Language Indices

Indices of all Hyang cores and built-in functions that covered all the Hyang manual references and other terms described in the documentations.