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Contributing Guidelines

There are many development efforts going on right now on the Hyang project, and they could use your contribution. The main Hyang project consists of the Hyang libraries, both standard and higher-level extended library, the ABAH compiler, the Hyang standalone interpreter, the multi-platform distribution of the Hyang and package management system for both source and binary for the Hyang programming language, and complete the Hyang documentations. This means there's plenty to choose from when deciding what to work on. Typically the Hyang documentations provide a low, but great entry point for new contributors, so it is a good first step into contributing.


The mailing list is the place for discussing Hyang programming language on all subjects, including the language, its uses, its implementation, and also announcements, requests for help, and reporting bug. To subscribe to the list, send a subscribe message.

Reporting Bug

Log in to the Github, and create an issue, or send a note to community mailing list. Be sure to include all relevant information, like the versions of Hyang you're using. A gist of the code that caused the issue as well as any error messages are also very helpful.

Contributing to Hyang Documentations

The Hyang documentations project is the activity with the specific intention of enhancing the existing Hyang documentations. Contributing to Hyang documentations is the great way to solidify Hyang fundamentals and is a gentle, but effective introduction to contributing to Hyang language. The process for contributing to Hyang documentations, as well as to the Hyang websites, tutorial, books or theses about Hyang is the same as contributing to the Hyang code projects. The hyang-org and hyang-docs github repo are where their sources are managed. The Hyang tutorial, recipes or books are a community project where anyone is free to contribute ideas, recipes, wiki and tutorials which has its own repository. If you want to help translating the Hyang website and documentations, just copy the repo, translate the default English version onto your language and place on the /lang/language-id/ folder. The /lang/ folders are available on the /hyang-org/lang/ website repo and the docs repo /hyang-docs/vX.X.X/lang/ folder. The translations tend to fall behind the default English version. Translations into other languages would also be appreciated.

Supporting Hyang Project

Another way to contribute to the Hyang project is to make a donation. If you wish to make a donation arrangement to the Hyang project, please contact us. Feel free to donate as little or as much as you wish. Every donation is very much appreciated. We welcome donations from both organizations and individuals.

The Hyang project is hosted in Dapur Hosting and developed at Hyang Language Foundation, a non-profit philanthropic institution at Jakarta in Indonesia with the mission to promote and advance the Hyang programming language, and to support and facilitate the growth of a diverse and community of Hyang hackers and programmers. Your donation will complement the support we need to keep the Hyang project running and will allow us to dedicate more effort to it.